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How can LEAPS deliver new values using location?


Accurate locations provide a new dimension of business values in the new era of automation and digitization. We will certainly locate them when you let us work with you.



See why LEAPS RTLS is a unique Swiss Army knife for accurate positioning and data telemetry in real-time.



See why Ultra-Wideband is the technology that can provide you with the highest values of location.

LEAPS Uniqueness

A great versatility in a small footprint makes LEAPS RTLS a unique Swiss Army knife for accurate positioning and data telemetry in real-time. 


One module with one firmware, configurable in different modes and profiles. The module can run as Anchor, Tag, or Bridge. The profiles are fully scalable with high capacity and low power. All the magic is integrated on a tiny chip of 3x3 mm size.


A unique clustering mechanism allows anchors to form clusters automatically and reuse the air-time effectively. A large network can be deployed as easily as mounting and powering the device. An effective roaming scheme for the Tags allows air-time reuse to increase the overall capacity.


Besides location, LEAPS RTLS provides a transport network for your IoT application. The data are transferred in real-time to and from the edge nodes, allowing deterministic timing for IoT applications.


Each node on the network collects statistics about itself. Infrastructure nodes monitor the communication of the surrounding nodes. The data provide an effective way to detect and signal issues.


Versatility makes it easy to balance the system requirements, costs, deployment time, and maintenance complexity. Applications range from simple distance proximity to high speed tracking or navigation of an unlimited amount of receivers.


LEAPS RTLS supports various locating techniques, including Two-Way Ranging and Time Difference of Arrival. The raw measurements are available, thereby allowing position estimation to be optimized for specific applications.


Unique wireless routing backhaul simplifies the deployment and reduces the infrastructure costs. The data between the nodes and the server are sent wirelessly via Ultra-wideband between infrastructure nodes. All of these work automatically and seamlessly.


Network nodes can be updated automatically and wirelessly via Ultra-wideband. Deploy the firmware to the Initiator and get the whole network updated automatically. Also, nodes can be updated selectively via the on-module API or remote API.


State-of-the-art security keeps firmware consistent, authorizes nodes on the network, protects against a wide range of attacks and guarantees secure data exchange for the whole data chain. Navigation with complete privacy is possible.


Flexible profiles allow the selection of mode with optimal balance between location precision, node capacity and power consumption. The high amount and high rate of measurements allow the best precision and location robustness.


Both time-slotted TDMA and probabilistic media access methods are supported. TDMA is suitable where reliability and high capacity are needed. The nodes use collision avoidance, collision detection, and collision resolution techniques to communicate on the network.


Anything missing? Please let us know! Your useful feedback will help us to keep improving LEAPS RTLS. We will carefully select features and integrate them into the system. More to come!


Easy-to-use APIs are available for Bluetooth, MQTT, UART, SPI, and on module Shell. Detailed design allows for keeping the latency as low as possible.


The unique network protocol provides effective two way communication with nodes mostly in sleep mode. An integrated motion sensor helps to reduce consumption further by activating a low update rate when node stays still.


Multiple separated LEAPS RTLS networks can coexist in the overlapped area. The overlapping networks will coexist synchronously in a way that does not negatively affect the performance. Data of each network will be securely separated.

From Qorvo, the best-in-class semiconductor company: Unlike other technologies like Bluetooth or WiFi, which are being re-tooled for a new purpose, the physical properties of the UWB RF signal are specifically defined from the start to achieve real-time, ultra-accurate, ultra-reliable location and communication.

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