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All-in-One Ultra-Wideband Demo Kit 1
by LEAPS and Onanoff

The UDK1 (Ultra-Wideband Demo Kit) is an all-in-one demonstration ready-to-use kit. The kit provides a wide range of evaluation demonstrations of the Ultra-Wideband technology ranging from Nearby Interaction demo with an iPhone, FiRa compatible Two-Way Ranging with Angle-of-Arrival capabilities, infrastructure-less proximity between the tags, advanced navigation and tracking RTLS (Real-Time Location System) demonstrations using DL-TDoA (Downlink TDoA), UL-TDoA (Uplink TDoA) and TWR (Two-Way Ranging) techniques. Uplink and Downlink data telemetry are also a part of the RTLS demo.


Kit Content

  • The kit consists of 6 hardware devices - one LC13 device with an integrated UWB AoA antenna and five LC14 devices with an integrated UWB non-AoA antenna. All devices can be configured in any mode of the demo including Anchor, Tag, Gateway, FiRa or Nearby Interaction.

  • Qorvo QM33120, an Ultra-Wideband FiRa compatible chipset, is integrated together with the popular Bluetooth-capable MCU nRF52840 inside a Murata 2AB SIP module. With the external LNA/PA, the devices provide superior UWB range coverage.

  • They are pre-programmed with LEAPS Ultra-Wideband Subsystem, an all-in-one advanced and versatile software stack that includes Qorvo’s FiRa capable software library. Together with a set of tools, it forms a production-ready LEAPS RTLS.

  • The kit includes two USB-C data cables for programming, data exchange and powering.

  • A battery is not included.

  • Free software configuration and visualization tools (software support for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms depending on the demo).

  • An open online documentation and community forum.

  • An open SDK based on Zephyr RTOS for starting development of custom applications.

  • For more details, please consult the UDK1-Datasheet and the Online UDK1-Datasheet.

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