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Accurate positioning and data telemetry in real-time for your applications based on robust wireless Ultra-wideband technology.

Modular, versatile, secure, unique and simple. 

Seamless integration in your products and services.

From the creators of Qorvo’s DWM1001 and PANS RTLS.


Feature highlights

From the creators of Qorvo’s DWM1001 and PANS RTLS, the popular location system based on Ultra-wideband.



LEAPS RTLS is an advanced modular system that is versatile to meet your needs; it comprises of a highly sophisticated UWB Subsystem firmware, configurable in different modes and profiles.



LEAPS RTLS was designed from scratch with a strong focus on security and privacy.


LEAPS UWB Subsystem's versatility allows the functionality of a wide range of applications, from navigation and tracking in buildings with many rooms, open-space areas, fast movement, to long battery lifetime tracking applications.



LEAPS RTLS is easy to set up and has a wide range of API options that allow easy integration into your products and services. Growing PANS RTLS and LEAPS RTLS community provides a valuable resource of information and help. 


LEAPS RTLS is a unique Swiss Army knife for accurate positioning and data telemetry in real-time. A small, versatile module provides flexibility and a great return on investment.


LEAPS RTLS was built by the creators of Qorvo's DWM1001 and PANS RTLS which was achieved through a team of reliable and experienced experts trusted by Qorvo.


How can we help you?

LEAPS Products


Do you have a great business plan and need a technology capable of accurate positioning and/or data telemetry in real-time? Adopt LEAPS RTLS for a life-changing experience.

LEAPS Design Services


 Need to customize LEAPS RTLS or PANS RTLS? Use our expertise to shorten the time to market.

LEAPS Technical Support


 Are you planning on adopting LEAPS RTLS or PANS RTLS and want to ensure your project works out well? Subscribe to our technical support program.

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